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How do I mark a contact as called?


When you have reached a contact from your phone call list and finished the call, you can mark the contact as called in order to better keep track of which calls still need to be made.

You can also note down if a call results in a customer order and jump directly from the phone call schedule into sales order recording.

By means of the filtering function you can quickly gain an overview of the calls that have yet to be made.



  1. Open “Phone Call Schedule” from the menu.

Mark contact as called

Alternative A

  1. Open the entry of the partner you have called.
  2. Tick the checkbox IsCalled.
  3. metasfresh saves the progress automatically.

Alternative B

  1. From the list view, select the entry of the partner you have called.
  2. Start the quick action “Mark As Called”. The checkbox in the column IsCalled of the selected entry is ticked.

    Note 1: You will also find this action in the actions menu in both the list view and the detailed view of an entry.

    Note 2: You can only mark one entry at a time as called this way.

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