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How do I set up a geocoding service for the area search?


To be able to use the area search in metasfresh, a geocoding service must first be set up, which transforms the human-readable addresses (consisting of street, house number, city, postal code, country) into geographical coordinates and displays them on a map.

Once geocoding has been set up, it is recommended to update the georeferenced data to ensure that all business partner locations that have been entered or imported so far will be included in the area search.

metasfresh currently offers interfaces for the following geocoding services:

Only one geocoding service can be active at any one time!
Important note:
If you have a large number of business partner entries and use the area search particularly frequently, we recommend increasing the Cache Capacity from 200 to about 500. This will allow you to cache your search strings and maintain search speed even when alternating between different locations during searches.


  1. Open “Geocoding Config” from the menu.
  2. Create a new entry.
  3. Pick the desired Geocoding Provider.

Set up Google Maps

  1. Follow these instructions from Google to gain access to the API and generate a personal API key.
  2. In the field Google Maps - API Key, enter the API key provided by Google for setup. It usually starts with AIza....

Set up Open Street Maps

No changes need to be made to the default settings.

Next Steps

  1. Update the georeferenced data to ensure that all business partner locations will be included in the area search.
  2. Use the area search to limit the results when filtering entries to a specific geographical area.

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