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How do I add a price list?


Price lists can be country and currency-specific. Therefore they can be assigned to a particular partner (customer/vendor) or partner group.


  1. Open “Price List” from the menu.
  2. Create a new price list.
  3. Give the price list a Name.
  4. Select the Country to which the price list shall apply.

    Note: The country of the price list must be identical with the partner’s country from the shipping and billing address.

  5. Select a Currency.
  6. The field Price Precision specifies the number of decimal places for the price calculations.
  7. Select the Pricing System to which the price list shall be linked.
  8. The box Sales Price List specifies whether this price list is to be used for Sales and consequently becomes selectable in sales orders, for instance. If you uncheck this box, it automatically becomes a Purchase Price List.
  9. The box Tax incl. specifies whether the prices are gross or net prices (i.e. including or excluding value-added tax). metasfresh calculates the prices accordingly.
  10. metasfresh saves the progress automatically.

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