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How to get started with translating docs

1. Understand the task

  1. Get access to the latest version of metasfresh.
  2. Test a feature documented in the German manual first.
  3. Report any feedback by creating a new issue on GitHub if the documentation needs to be updated.
  4. Switch metasfresh to English.
  5. Test the same feature in English.
  6. Report any feedback on GitHub if fields are missing translation or the documentation needs to be updated.
  7. Repeat steps 2 to 6 for as many features as you want to test.

2. Install your tools

  1. Download and install GitHub Desktop.
  2. Download, install and configure Atom Editor.

3. Prepare Repository

  1. Github Desktop: clone metasfresh/metasfresh-documentation to your local disk
  2. switch to the gh-pages branch
  3. create a branch with the name gh70 (gh+ issue number)

4. Develop translation

  1. open atom and duplicate existing .md file
  2. create an english translation manual in markdown language

5. Commit your changes

  1. commit the new file using:
  2. create a pull request for review

Further Reading

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