How do I add a new email template?


  1. Open “Mail Template” from the menu.
  2. Add a new email template.
  3. Give the template a Name.
  4. Enter a Subject.
  5. Enter a Mail Text to be used for the email notification.
  6. metasfresh saves the progress automatically.
By means of so-called context variables metasfresh can automatically retrieve individual document data and insert them into the respective places in the e-mail. Context variables are prefixed and suffixed by symbols such as “@” or “%”.


PayPal Plus
Please approve @Amount@ for order #@SalesOrderDocumentNo@

Mail Text:
Hi @Name@
Thank you for your order #@SalesOrderDocumentNo@.
Please use the following link to approve the payment reservation on PayPal: @ApproveURL@.

Explanatory Notes to the Example

Context Variable Data
@Name@ Name of the business partner contact from the sales order
@SalesOrderDocumentNo@ Document number of the sales order
@Amount@ Invoice amount from the sales order
@ApproveURL@ The URL of the webpage for payment approval

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