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How do I define a dunning type?


The dunning type determines the moment when a dunning run starts and how many levels it goes through.


  1. Open “Dunning Type” from the menu.
  2. Add a new dunning type.
  3. Give the dunning type a Name.

Add Dunning Levels

Important note!
For a dunning type to take effect, it requires at least one level!
  1. Go to the record tab “Level” at the bottom of the page and click "Add new". An overlay window opens up.
  2. Give the level a Name.
  3. Enter a Print Text which will appear in the subject line of the dunning letter.
  4. Enter the number of Days after due date of an invoice until the dunning procedure is initiated.
  5. Enter the number of Days between dunning.
  6. In the text box Note Header, enter a text that shall appear at the beginning of the dunning letter.
  7. In the text box Note, enter a text that shall appear at the end of the dunning letter.
  8. Click “Done” to close the overlay window and add the dunning level to the list.

    Note: Repeat steps 1 to 8 in order to add further dunning levels.

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