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How do I pick a sales order for shipping? (Picking Terminal v2)


In metasfresh, you can pick handling units (HUs) for shipping and use different shippers, e.g., shipping services like DPD and DHL. The picked quantities are deducted from stock afterwards.
You can review your stock levels at any time in the “Handling Unit Editor”.



  1. Open “Picking Terminal (v2)” from the menu.
  2. From the list view, select the sales order you want to pick.

The order picker can use the pick list to check the actual stock, note down any deviating quantities and enter them in the next step (“picking”). In order to print the pick list, please proceed as follows:

  1. Start the quick action “Print Pick List”.
  2. The PDF print preview of the pick list opens up in a new browser tab.
  3. Return to the “Picking Terminal (v2)” window.

Pick products

  1. Start the quick action “Pick”. An overlay window opens up with the pick list.
  2. Optional: Double-click the field Qty Override of the product line and enter the deviating quantity.
  3. Select the lines of the products to be picked and start the quick action “Pick”. The Pick Status changes from To be picked to Picked.

Pack up picked products

  1. Select the lines of the products to be packed and start the quick action “Pack to”. An overlay window opens up.
  2. In the field Packing Instructions, enter a part of the name of the packing instructions to be used and click on the matching result in the drop-down list.
  3. Click “Start” to confirm and close the overlay window. The Pick Status changes to Packed.

Process order picking

  1. Select the lines of the packed products and start the quick action “Process”. An overlay window opens up.
  2. The Shipper is taken from the sales order and is preset here, but can still be changed manually.
  3. The Transportation Order is preset here according to the date of provisioning of the sales order, but can still be changed manually.

    Note: Transport orders intended for handling picked sales orders must be created in Drafted status in advance.

  4. Click “Start” to close the overlay window and process the order picking. The product lines are made read-only.
  5. Click “Done” to close the pick list and return to the picking terminal. The line of the picked sales order is removed from the terminal.

Review documents

When picking is processed, the delivery order, the shipment along with the delivery note, and the invoice are created and completed automatically at the same time.

  1. You will receive a notification in the upper right corner about the successful creation of shipment and invoice.
  2. Click on the notifications to open the respective documents.
  3. You can jump directly to either the shipment or the delivery order via the transport order’s related documents.

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