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How do I create a sales order for shipping?



  1. Follow these instructions for entering a sales order up to step 4 of the order line input.
  2. Open the advanced edit menu from the actions menu.

    Note: Use shortcut Alt + E / ⌥ alt + E.

  3. Scroll down to the field Delivery Via and pick Shipper, if not already set automatically.
  4. Pick the desired Shipper, e.g., DPD, if not already set automatically.

    Note: The settings for the fields Delivery Via and Shipper are automatically copied from the respective business partner entry if they have been preconfigured in there.

  5. Click “Done” to apply the changes and close the advanced edit menu.
  6. Follow the remaining steps for creating a sales order to complete the order.

Next Steps

  1. Create a transport order to use for handling the picked sales order.
  2. Pick the sales order for shipping.

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