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How do I set up the serial letter feature in metasfresh?


With serial letters, it takes very little effort to provide a great number of your contacts in one go with information of interest to them while successfully promoting your own marketing campaigns.

To this end, among other things, you have to configure the outbound documents for the serial letter feature in order to review and process the serial letters under “Outbound Documents” in the menu.

As part of a marketing campaign you can create text templates that will be printed on the serial letters. Each serial letter is addressed personally to a contact.

In order to set up the serial letter feature, please proceed as follows:


  1. Configure the outbound documents for the serial letter feature.
  2. Create a new marketing platform and tick the checkbox Requires Location.
  3. Create a new boilerplate where you draft the text for the serial letters.
  4. Create a new marketing campaign, applying the previously created marketing platform and boilerplate.
  5. Add some contacts to the marketing campaign.
  6. Create the serial letters.

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