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How do I configure IBANs? (System Administrator)


Without previously configuring the International Bank Account Number (IBAN) structure, an IBAN cannot be recorded under “Bank Account” in the menu. Only after specifying the correct structure will an IBAN be validated automatically when added.

For more information on IBAN and BBAN structures, please refer to the official IBAN Registry or the European Banking Resources.


  1. Log in to metasfresh with the user role “System Administrator”.
  2. Open “Country, Region” from the menu.
  3. Open the entry of an existing country for which you want to configure the IBAN structure. Use the filter to help you find it more quickly.
  4. Open the advanced edit menu from the actions menu.

    Note: Use shortcut Alt + E / ⌥ alt + E.

  5. In the field Bank Code Length, enter the number of characters for the bank identifier, e.g., 8.
  6. In the field Bank Code Char Type, enter the character representation for the bank identifier, e.g., n for digits (see example below).
  7. In the field Bank Code SeqNo, enter the number of characters for the account number, e.g., 10.
  8. Click “Done” to apply the changes and close the advanced edit menu.
  9. metasfresh saves the progress automatically.


The structure of a German bank account number:

Fig.: German IBAN structure

(Source: ecbs.org)

The IBAN structure for each country is defined using the following character representations:

Character Representation Type
n Digits (numeric characters 0 to 9 only)
a Uppercase letters (alphabetic characters A-Z only)
c Upper- and lowercase alphanumeric characters (A-Z, a-z and 0-9)
e Blank space
! Indicates a fixed length (e.g., 8!n means 8 digits max.)
(Source: swift.com)

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