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How do I create a bill of materials version (BOM version)?



  1. Open “Bill of Material Version” from the menu.
  2. Create a new BOM version entry.
  3. In the field BOM & Formula, enter a part of the name or number of the bill of materials for which you want to create a BOM version and click on the matching result in the drop-down list.
  4. The Product (manufacturing product) is automatically copied from the BOM.
  5. The Name of the BOM version is automatically copied from the BOM and can be edited here.
  6. Pick a UOM (unit of measure) for the manufactured product.

    Note: Bills of materials always only refer to single quantities (individual pieces) of the manufacturing product. If the unit of measurement selected here differs from that of the manufacturing product, a UOM conversion must be defined.

  7. Make sure the Search Key of the BOM version is identical to the product number.
  8. In the field BOM Use, pick Manufacturing.

    Note: For commercial BOMs for finished products that are not manufactured but whose components should still be listed individually in the order, pick Phantom.

  9. Pick the Document Type Bill of Material Version.
  10. Optional: In the field No., enter a custom document number.
  11. Set a Valid from date.

    Note: If this date lies in the past, the BOM version will be effective immediately. If it lies in the future, it will only apply from that date.

  12. Optional: Pick a Serial No. Sequence. To do so, enter a part of the document sequence name and click on the matching result in the drop-down list.

    Note: The product category must be linked to an Attribute Set where the attribute serial number is defined.

  13. metasfresh saves the progress automatically. As soon as the BOM version has been saved, the checkbox Bill of Materials defined/available/provided='Y' in the entry of the linked manufacturing product is activated (read-only). Before using the BOM, it must first be verified.

Special Case: Spare Parts BOM (for repair service returns)

Next Steps

  1. Add the BOM components required for production.
  2. Verify the bill of materials and complete the BOM version.


GIF: Create BOM

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