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Functional Modules


metasfresh is a full featured ERP software that comes with the following modules:

Module Entities
CRM Prospect, Requests (Lead, Opportunity Management), Sales Pipeline, Outbound Email
Sales Quotation, Sales Order
Purchasing PO Disposition, Purchase Order, Material Receipt
Manufacturing MRP 2, Manufacturing Order, Manufacturing Completion, Bill of Material
Warehousing Shipment Disposition, Shipment, Material Receipt Disposition, Material Receipt, Inventory
SCM Attributes, Tracability
Billing Invoice Disposition, Customer / Vendor Invoice, Credit Memo, Aggegation
Logistics Handling Unit Management, Empties, Distribution Management, Tour Support
Payments Incoming/ Outgoing Payment, SEPA, ESR
Dunning Dunning Levels, Dunning Disposition, Dunning Documents
Accounting automatic fact accounts, account schema
Multi-Tenant Multi-Org, Automatic Counter Documents
Pricing Pricelists, Versioning, multi-currency, quantity based discounts, Price Units, handling unit pricing, gross/net, manual pricing and discounts
Quality Management picture taking, quality inspection and automatic discounting
Contract Management subscriptions, automatic term management, delivery contracts

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