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How do I create manual compensation groups?


A manually created compensation group comprises multiple order lines, making joint discounting or surcharging possible.

When creating bills of materials from a quotation, manual compensation groups help to create quotation groups that serve as the basis for the creation of the bill of materials and the sales product later on.

In order to create manual compensation groups, please proceed as follows:


  1. Follow these instructions for entering a sales order up to step 4 of the order line input.
  2. Select the order lines you want to combine into a compensation group.
  3. Start the action “Group Lines”. An overlay window opens up.
  4. Select a Product, e.g., Discount.

    Note: You can select any other grouping product from the list in the product field, provided that it is not stocked and linked to the very same price list as in the sales order.
    Follow these instructions to configure such a grouping product.

  5. Pick a Group or enter a Group name of your choice.
  6. Click “Start” to close the overlay window and create the compensation group. A new order line with the Compensation Type Discount will be added to the list.

    Note: Repeat steps 2 to 6 to add further compensation groups.

Delete compensation group

If you want to undo a compensation group, simply delete the respective discount line.

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