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How do I allocate two products to each other for counter documents?


  1. Set up a new organization.
  2. Add products for this organization which can then be linked to the products of another organization.


  1. Open “Product” from the menu.
  2. Open the entry of an existing product or add a new one for allocation with another.
  3. Start the action “M_Product_Create_Mappings_Process” (Allocate product for counter documents). An overlay window opens up.
  4. In the field AD_Org_Target_ID, pick the target organization whose product selection shall be offered for counter document allocation.

    Note: Only those organizations are displayed for which no allocations have been made for the selected product.

  5. In the field M_Product_Target_ID, pick the target product to which the selected product shall be linked.

    Note: Only unlinked products are displayed.

  6. Click “Start” to allocate the products to each other for counter documents and close the overlay window.
All existing allocations with products from other organizations are listed under the record tab “Allocated Product” at the bottom of a product entry.

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