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Format example for importing user data


For importing user data, you require an import format that is configured with the database table Import User.

The example below compares the data content of a file from a spreadsheet software (here, e.g., an Excel file prior to its conversion to a CSV or TXT file) with the import format for user data:

Explanatory Notes to the Example

Some useful notes

The mandatory fields are essential for a successful data import!

Mandatory Field Field Name Example Note
X Search Key DC_102019 Search key of the business partner linked to the user (unique alphanumeric string)
X First Name Arthur User’s first name
X Last Name Fleck User’s last name
  Email arthur.fleck@dc.com User’s email address
  Login Joker User’s login
  System User • Y / true = Yes
• N / false = No
Indicates whether it is a system user with access permissions.
  Role WebUI The user role defines user permissions to access functions and data.

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