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How do I check the highest purchase prices for a specific period? (System Administrator)


Via the material cockpit, metasfresh offers the possibility to determine, among other data, the highest purchase price for a defined period in the past, based on the current day. In order to use this feature, you need administrator permissions to activate the system configurations required to calculate and display the requested data accordingly. These system configurations are the following:

For this feature to perform reliably and efficiently, the data is cached and automatically refreshed incrementally each night, meaning that only products and dates are updated. The cached data contains the highest price of each product on each day in the specified currency. You can also manually update the cache or rebuild it entirely, e.g., after adjusting the currency rate.


Enable System Configurations

  1. Log in to metasfresh with the user role “System Administrator”.
  2. Open “System Configuration” from the menu.
  3. Use the filter and search for the system configuration by Name (see overview above).
  4. Open the system configuration entry.

    Note: Make sure the entry you want to enable (see next step) is activated.

  5. In the field Search Key, enter the following values depending on the system configuration entry:
  6. metasfresh saves the progress automatically.

Manually Update or Rebuild Cache

Important note:
If the currency rates of purchase prices have changed, the entire cache must be rebuilt in order for the material cockpit to display the correct purchase prices.
  1. Open “Material Cockpit” from the menu.
  2. Start the action “Update purchase order highest price cache”. An overlay window opens up.
  3. You have two options:
    a) Tick the checkbox Rebuild if you want to delete the existing cache and recreate it based on the most current data (e.g., in case of changed currency rates).
    b) If you only want to update products and dates based on the existing currency data, deactivate the checkbox.

    Note: The cache is automatically updated each night without rebuilding (option b) for daily accurate data.

  4. Click “Start” to update/rebuild the cache and close the overlay window.

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