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How do I set up email server routing for outbound documents?


In metasfresh, you can use email server routing to specify the contact/user whose email address shall be added automatically to a specific document upon its creation in order to make sending emails from “Outbound Documents” even easier and more efficient.


  1. Open “Outbound Email Server (SMTP)” from the menu.
  2. Create a new entry.
  3. Pick a Mail Box to use for sending emails from metasfresh.
  4. Optional: In the field Custom Type, pick a routing class, e.g., org.compiere.util.Login (see also “Reset password”).
  5. In the field Column User To, either pick Ansprechpartner (= Contact) or Rechnungskontakt (= Bill-to contact) depending on whose email should be used.

    Note: Make sure the email address of the respective contact is provided in the entry of the associated business partner.

  6. Pick a Document Base Type for which the previously defined contact shall be notified upon its creation, e.g., Sales Order, AR Invoice, Material Delivery, etc.
  7. Optional: Pick a specific Process.
  8. Optional: Pick a Doc Sub Type.
  9. metasfresh saves the progress automatically.

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