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How do I void a sales order along with all related documents?


In metasfresh, you can quickly and easily void a sales order along with all related documents, such as delivery notes, invoices, contracts, contract extensions, etc.

For example, if mistakes were carried over from a sales order into the subsequent documents, you can use this action to revert these mistakes and render them ineffective altogether. A draft of the original sales order will automatically be created for you to review, edit and complete again.


  1. Open “Sales Order” from the menu.
  2. From the list view, select the completed sales order you want to void along with all related documents.
  3. Start the action “Void selected order with related documents”. An overlay window opens up.

    Note: You can also start this action directly from the respective sales order’s entry.

  4. Click “Start” to void all documents and close the overlay window.
  5. Press Ctrl/⌘ cmd + ⇧ Shift + R to refresh the sales order window. The voided order now appears in the list view.
  6. Use the filter to find the voided sales order and its newly created draft using the original sales order number.

Next Steps

The number of the voided sales order is now preceded by an “S-“ (e.g., “S-0864”; S = Reversal, Ger.: Storno) and the status of the related documents is changed to reversed. The newly created draft is given the original sales order number (e.g., “0864”) which cross-references the voided order and may be used to look up the drafted order under “Sales Order” in the menu using the filtering function.


GIF: How to void a sales order along with all related documents

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