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How do I create a service product?


In metasfresh, a service product is used to record immaterial (intangible) services that are not managed in physical stock, such as work effort (labor costs), repair service charges, expenses, etc., and can be offered for sale as part of manufacturing/repair orders. In such a case, it is similar to the grouping product in that it serves to combine all expenses from the respective repair order into a compensation group when creating the quotation or sales order, so that order line group discounts can then be granted on it if required.

In addition, the service product can also be used with the component generator, where it serves as a service component to generate individual attributes, such as individual serial numbers or factory default passwords.

In terms of creating a service product, it basically follows the same steps as any other standard product too.


Follow these instructions for adding a product, taking into account the following application-specific configuration:

  1. Give the service product a meaningful Name, e.g., “Repair Service Charge” or “Serial Number”.
  2. Pick a suitable Product Category, e.g., Service Product or Item Component.
  3. Pick the Product Type Service.

    Note: The checkbox Stocked is automatically hidden, as this type of product is an intangible item that is not kept in stock.

  4. In the field UoM, pick a suitable unit of measure, e.g., Each or working time units such as Hours, Days, etc.
  5. Deactivate the checkboxes Is commissioned and Purchased.

For Paid Services (Repair Orders)

For Service Components (Component Generator)

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