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How do I record my work efforts for manufacturing order?

Requirements (for Service/Repair Order)

  1. Receive returned faulty products through the Service/Repair Customer Return and create a process.
  2. Start a repair project and create a Service/Repair Order.


  1. Go to the menu and open the window “Manufacturing Order”.
  2. Use the filtering function, to help you find the desired manufacturing order, e.g. by filtering after the Target Document Type Service/Repair Order and the Planning Status Planning.
  3. Open the record of the manufacturing order in question.

Issue/Receipt (for Service/Repair Order)

  1. Start the action “Issue/Receipt”. This will open an overlay-window, the “PP Order Issue/Receipt” window.
  2. Record the consumption of manufacturing materials in the repair.

Record service expenses (for Service/Repair Orders)

The service expenses can be recorded with a service product, which is then used in the quotation or order creation process to calculate all expenses from the respective repair order in a compensation group, so that an Order line group discounts can be applied to it if needed. Such a service product can be a flat-rate repair charge or drop costs completely in the case of warranty claims.

  1. In the field Repair Service Performed, enter a part of the name or the number of the service product and click on the matching result in the drop-down list.
  2. Record a Summary of the service expenses.

    Info: The text entered here will subsequently also appear on the cost estimate (quotation) or order beneath the service product as information for the customer.

The Repair Service Performed and the Summary can be recorded and edited directly in the entry of the Service/Repair project under the register “Project Repair Task”.

Record Work

  1. Start the action “Record Work”. This will open an overlay-window.
  2. Choose in the Manufacturing Order Activity the activity, for which you want to record the effort.
  3. Enter in the field Duration the duration of the activity in the corresponding Duration Unit.
  4. Click on “Start”, to save the work effort and to close the overlay-window.
  5. Go to the register “ Manufacturing Order Workflow” at the bottom of the page. Here you can view all recorded work efforts.

Close manufacturing order

When all tasks have been completed and expenses have been recorded, the manufacturing order can be closed.

  1. Open the document processing menu (Alt + I / ⌥ alt + I) and click on Close.
  2. As long as the manufacturing order is linked with a repair project, the expenses data is now transferred to the project entry for billing and the respective project tasks receives the status Closed.

Reopen manufacturing order (optional)

  1. Start the action “Reopen”, to revert the status of the manufacturing order back to Completed.
  2. Now you can edit the data, e.g. work effort.

Next Steps

  1. Generate a cost estimation for the repair services provided.

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