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How do I use the filtering function in metasfresh?


If you are searching for specific entries in a window (such as business partners, sales orders, products, etc.) you can display them separately by using the filtering function.


  1. Open a window of your choice in list view, e.g., “Sales Order”.
  2. Click "Filter" at the top left of the window to open the filter mask and then click .
  3. Enter the keywords of your choice into the search fields and/or pick the desired attributes by which you want to filter the table and click "Apply".

    Note: Press Alt + ↵ Enter / ⌥ alt + ↵ Enter to apply the filter criteria.

Remove filter

Filter by “Active” status

Some entries can also be filtered by “Active” status, i.e. whether a property is active or inactive. For example, in the “Phone Call Schedule” window, you can filter by entries with and without sales orders, as well as by entries with called contacts and calls yet to be made.

Option Checkbox
Click once on the checkbox to activate it and search for entries where this property is activated.
Click on it a second time to search for entries where this property is not activated.
Click on (clear) on the right-hand side of the activated checkbox to deactivate it.

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GIF: Filtering function

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