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How do I add a new business partner?


  1. Open “Business Partner” from the menu.
  2. Add a new business partner.
  3. The Search Key is an automatically assigned serial number. However, if required, it can also be assigned manually instead.
  4. If the business partner is a company, tick the checkbox Company and fill in the field Company Name. Otherwise, clear the checkbox and enter the partner’s Name.

    Note: The (Company) Name is restricted to 60 characters.

  5. Select a Business Partner Group, e.g., Machine Supplier.
  6. Select the partner’s preferred Language for communication.
  7. Optional: Enter a URL on the right, e.g., the partner’s website.

    Note: Make sure that the URL begins with the Internet protocol acronym (e.g., https://). Click on the link icon on the right to open the web page.

  8. Turn the business partner into a customer and/or vendor.
  9. Add one or more addresses.
  10. metasfresh saves the progress automatically.

Optional Steps

  1. Set the desired Organization. To do so, enter a part of the organization’s name into the field and click on the matching result in the drop-down list.
  2. Add some appropriate attributes that will help you find the business partner more quickly when using the filtering function.
  3. Link the business partner to a pricing system.
  4. Add contact information, i.e. link the business partner to a user.
  5. Record additional tooltip information about the business partner.


GIF: Add a new business partner

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