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How do I give discounts/surcharges on compensation groups (order line group discounts)?


Order line group discounts can be applied to one order line at a time and to compensation groups as well. Compensation groups consist of multiple order lines that have been combined into groups for joint discounting or surcharging in a single as well as successive manner where the previous discount or surcharge is always included in the calculation. Moreover, you can give several discounts/surcharges on various compensation groups in one order.

Compensation groups can be created both manually and automatically as well.


Create compensation groups

Give group discounts or surcharges

  1. Move the horizontal scrollbar of the order line table to the right until you reach the column Compensation percentage.
  2. Double-click the field Compensation percentage of the discount line and enter a percentage there.
  3. Hit ↵ Enter to apply.
  4. Follow the remaining steps for creating a sales order to complete the order.

Successive discounting

If you want to give further discounts on a group discount that always consider the previously calculated discount total, simply proceed as follows:

  1. Select an order line from the compensation group in question.
  2. Start the action “Add group compensation line”. An overlay window opens up.
  3. Select a Product, e.g., Discount.

    Note: You can select any other product from the list in the product field, provided that it is not stocked and linked to the very same price list as in the sales order.
    Follow these instructions to configure such a discount product.

  4. Click “Start” to close the overlay window and add another group discount line to the list.
  5. Double-click the field Compensation percentage of this discount line and enter a percentage there.
  6. Hit ↵ Enter to apply.

Delete compensation group

If you want to undo a compensation group and revoke the discount, simply delete the respective discount line.


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