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How do I enter a commission-based sales order?


  1. Record a sales partner and create a commission contract for them.
  2. Assign the sales partner to one or more customers.
  3. Assign a price to the commission points.


Follow these instructions for entering a sales order, taking into account the following settings:

View commission transaction

After completing the sales order, an entry is created under “Commission instance” in the menu where you can also jump to directly via the sales order’s related documents (under SALES in the sidebar). Here you will get an overview of the commission transaction, including settlement status and the number of basis points. You can also quickly go to the commission deed from here via the sidebar.

Commission deed (and settlement)

You can jump directly to the commission deed via the commission instance’s related documents (under SALES in the sidebar) where you will get an overview of the calculated points. Under the record tab “Fact” at the bottom of the page you will also find all details about the settlement status of the commission. From here, you can also quickly go to the Purchase Invoice Candidates via the sidebar where you can create the incoming invoice (purchase invoice) for the sales partner entitled to the commission.

The commission settlement can only be created after the sales order has been delivered, provided that in the contractual terms for commission contracts the invoice rule (time of invoicing) was set to after delivery.

Next Steps

  1. Create a shipment for the sales order with sales partner.
  2. Create the commission settlement.
  3. Create an invoice for the sales order with sales partner.

    Note: The invoiced/settled (basis) points shown under “Commission instance” and “Commission deed” are only updated after generating the invoice. Regardless of this, a commission settlement can be created even before invoicing.

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